Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wooden boats

Sailboat 6

We were sitting around this morning trying to think of what we'd do with our day when this link came up on the Rhythm of the Home facebook page.  Make our own little boats to sail?  Perfect!  Any activity including water is sure to be a hit with our littles. 


We gathered up the sticks and tree bark that we could find around the yard to construct our boats with.

Sailboat 2

Drilled holes in the center to insert the mast. 

Sailboat 3

And made our sails.  We used a leaf from the garden for this smaller boat.

Sailboat 4

But decided to try a fabric sail for this larger boat.  "Just like a pirate ship!"

Sailboat 6

The girls were so excited to finish their very own boats and were a little reluctant to let them sail away.  Kinsley is already making plans to create more, smaller boats, to keep in our watertable. 

Sailboat 7

It didn't take long for Kaitlyn to set her boat free and the sailing began. 

Sailboat 8

Sailboat 13

Sailboat 10

We spent the rest of the morning splashing around in one of our favorite places, enjoying the feel of the nearly ice cold water running across our feet.  These are the memories I hope they carry with them and remember when they think back on their childhood.  Simple pleasures indeed.


  1. Row,Row,Row your boat,gently down the stream.

  2. Beautiful. What wonderful memories you are all creating together, and I adore the boats. My son will love this!

    1. And thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times x