Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Calm Jar

Calm Jar 4

I'm sure you've seen the mood jars all over Pinterest. You do stalk Pinterest like I do right?  When I first saw it at Here We Are Together I wanted to make one for the girls.  Sometimes we all need a minute to calm down and collect ourselves (especially on Mondays) so we're calling ours the calm jar.  When your little one (or you) feels a little out of sorts just give the jar a good shake and watch as the glitter slowly settles down right along with all the out of control emotions.  It's a great alternative to a traditional time out or a screaming match over who had what baby doll first.  And with two very strong willed babies (and okay, a mama too) I think this jar will get a lot of use helping us all remember to take some deep breaths and remain calm.

I had a plastic peanut butter jar cleaned out to use for this but I couldn't resist the shiny mason jar.  I'm counting on the fact that they won't get mad and throw it across the room.  Wish me luck. 

Calm Jar

Her directions say to use about 1 Tbsp of glitter glue to 1 cup of hot water.  We really just filled our jar just shy of how full we wanted it and dumped pretty much the entire container of glitter glue into it.  Such is the hazard of little helpers, but really it worked out just fine.

We added glitter until we thought we had a good amount and then added 1 drop each of blue and green food coloring to get the color we wanted.  We stirred everything with a bamboo skewer so we could just throw it away when we were finished. 

Calm Jar 2

Calm Jar 3

We haven't used it for its official purpose yet but immediately after Kinsley spent a solid 20 minutes just sitting right here staring at it. 

Calm Jar 5

It only takes a minute or two for the glitter to settle since we used a heavier glitter. It works for us since the girls are still so young but if you're aiming for a longer calm down time you'd want to use a fine powdery glitter.


  1. Hello!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely mind jar , it looks absolutely brilliant!
    I'm glad it works for your little one.

    1. Thank you so much for the great idea Miri!

  2. Haa I had to laugh because I am also a big pintrest stalker...I do alot of my "pinning" while nursing my littlest one. I love it so much although I haven't come across this idea on there yet...but I love it. Plus it's such a simple craft that even my two year old can help put one together...I bet they would look so pretty in a sunny window too!!!

    1. They do look beautiful when the light hits them. And I'm not ashamed to say that I think I like it just as much as (if not more than) my girls do.