Monday, March 31, 2014


In the beginning hours of nighttime, when the house is finally quiet and settled and I put myself to bed as well, those are the moments in which my mind also settles from the noise of the day.  It is in those moments that my thoughts become just a bit more clear and I'm able to really think about the things around me.  Silenced are the phone calls, must do's, and demands of the day and I am finally alone with my thoughts and they are free to flow.

Once upon a time these were the moments I would pull myself out of bed and put pen to paper, letting my thoughts stream out, leading wherever they wished.  This is something my grandmother taught me years ago, when I would have trouble shutting out the constantly running dialogue running in my mind so I could finally drift off to sleep.

These days I find myself more and more hesitant to leave the warm comfort of my bed.  Whether it is simply the chilly weather or the near exhaustion stemming from our suddenly busier days, I just can't seem to remove myself from the warm comfort of my quilt in order to write anything.  And so I lie there, letting my thoughts run a silent narrative for only myself to hear.  Always vowing to remember and write them all out in the morning.

Of course morning comes and I find myself unable to recapture the thoughts that, just a few hours before, seemed so important and so necessary.  Lost in the busyness of breakfast and morning rituals, those words disappear with the rising sun.  Journal pages go unwritten, blog posts go unpublished, and heartfelt messages to dear friends and family go unsent.  Things I really cherish getting lost in the shuffle of life.

So today I am challenging myself to write something every day.  A letter to a family member recounting a favorite memory, a quick email to a friend letting them know I am thinking of them, or a quick line or two in my journal...anything that gets me putting thoughts down somewhere.  I'm including blog posts in this challenge as well.  Above all else this blog is a way to capture memories for our family, a record that we can look back on and remember the past through the words and pictures.  So, even if the posts consist of merely a few words scrawled below a group of pictures (or a lot of words above a seemingly unrelated photo), I want to have that record.  No more neglecting this space because I don't have the perfect words to say, something is nearly always better than nothing.

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  1. I saw your other blog post, but how are you doing on this in the other ways? I keep wanting to do this. I even drag my journal from my bedroom to my front room thinking I'll make a quick note at commercials or if I'm bored of TV. I've tried to add other things, like project ideas or notes or other thoughts to my journal, but I'm having a difficult time coming back to just writing. Today I made a long blog post because I couldn't think where else to put it, and maybe you're onto something. I usually just post Finished craft projects, but if it relates to that, I'm going to add that too. Thanks for the idea.

    1. I'm still finding that writing in my own journal is much harder than keeping up with any other way. Maybe just that once I've written other places I have nothing left to write for myself? I'm not sure the reasoning. I've even started keeping a blank page on the fridge so I can jot a quick note of something funny I want to remember to write down later, especially something one of the girls have said.

      I sometimes feel as though I should focus my blog more into a more specialized category but I never make myself do it. I enjoy the collective picture of all areas of my life whether it be parenting, homeschooling, or crafting.