Sunday, January 10, 2016

Two Months

Two Months 1

Our sweet Paisley is two months old now.  Though, I don't think you'd be able to convince her of that.  In her mind, I'm certain, she's much much older.  She very much prefers to be sitting up at all times and absolutely lets you know in no uncertain terms if you don't believe her.  She uses all her might to sit up any time you try to recline her at all.  Tummy time is not for her, though I sneak it in without her knowing by laying her on my chest.  She thinks she's simply lifting up and looking about for fun.  She has also discovered her hands and is becoming quite proficient at getting them to do exactly what she wants, which is mostly going right into her mouth so she can chew them a bit.  A slobbery mess of a thing, two months.  

Her laughter is coming more often these days.  You're most likely to hear it if you tickle under her chin, or if you happen to simply be one of her big sisters.  Those two are evidently quite the humorous pair.  Of course, it's nearly impossible to catch the laughter on video.  I'm determined to manage it one day soon though.  

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