Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pickled Okra

~Hope everyone had a great long weekend. I feel like mine has gone by too quickly. The yard sale went great. We sold almost everything and all of the big stuff sold. I completely forgot to take pictures though. By the time the rain stopped on Friday and I got everything uncovered, I was so busy that I didn't even think to get the camera out. I offered to help my neice have one in a few weeks to raise money for a cheerleading trip so if I do I will definitely take some pictures then.

~Sunday was Hubby's birthday and we just spent the day hanging aroung the house together. We cooked out, I made him a chocolate sheath cake (which is already gone) and his whole family came over to eat. Kinsley and Asiah danced around like crazy people all night long. It was hilarious. Too much sugar I think.

~Monday was mommy's day out! I went to the big Labor Day sales at a couple craft stores and got some fleece to make our Christmas pajamas while it was on sale. Yea for matching jammies.

~I've been super busy making more boxy bags and pleated purses. I'm down to the last few of each of them and then I'll need to find a new project to obsess over. Ideas? I've also canned a bunch more salsa. We're still getting plenty of peppers and tomatoes so I want to make the most of them while I still can.

I've had a few requests for the reicpe I used to make my pickled okra so I thought I'd post it today. It's really simple, just like making pickles really. I got the recipe from my grandma and she's been making pickled okra as long as I can remember.

This is how they look before I put the rings on and process them.


4 Cups White Vinegar
1 Cup Water
1/2 Cup Pickling Salt
2 Tablespoons Pickling Spices

5 heads of Fresh Dill
Fresh Garlic
5 Hot Peppers (I use Cayenne)

In a large saucepan mix vinegar, water and salt. Bring to a boil.

Leave a small amount of stem on okra pods and pack into sterilized jars. Add 1 head of dill, one clove of garlic and a hot pepper to each jar. Pour hot vinegar mixture into jars leaving 1/4 - 1/2 inch of head space. Process in water bath canner for 10 minutes.

Makes 4 or 5 pints (depends on how tightly you pack the jars)

**Make sure you pack the jars as tightly as you can when you put the okra in the jars. I never seem to get mine full enough. You can't see the dill in these because I had to use dill seed because I didn't have any fresh dill on hand. I have my seeds ready to plant for next year though so I'll have more than enough then.

You need to let the jars set for a few weeks before they will be ready to eat, but they'll be worth the wait.


  1. The pickled okra looks yummy! Makes me hungry, wonder what's in the fridge to nibble on at this late hour! Glad you had a successful yard sale. I need some hints on getting rid of stuff. I'm a Pack Rat with a capital "P"!

  2. Luckily, we have a bunch of okra. So I will have to give this a try.

  3. Never tried okra...
    I love the bags. (the first bag link didn't work, but I found it on the sidebar). I think the boxy bag is a great gift. Perfect for men or women.

  4. Keri, I'm a pack rat at heart. That's why I'm trying so hard to declutter and get a better system of organization going. If not it could easily get away from me.

  5. Crystal I hope you like the recipe. Let me know if you try it out.

  6. Thanks Debbi. I fixed the link in the post so it should work now. You've been putting me to shame with all of your completed projects lately, I need to get busy.

  7. Wow, I do NOT know the best way to post comments here. I had my blog on screen and went to my "Blog List" so I could pull up "Rustic Okie", but for some reason it doesn't show up in my list. I don't have a clue why. So, I came to your site and noticed you had left me a message, which I didn't get notified of through my "alerts". So, I'm baffled!! I hate to think I'm missing messages, and I want people's blogs to show up in my list so they'll know I'm a follower. If you have any hints, I'm more than happy to listen. :)

    One thing I wanted to mention is that I am in the "research" stage of buying a sewing machine. Now, the tricky part is that I really don't know much about sewing. But, I've noticed from your blog that you are quite the seamstress, so I thought you might have some words of wisdom. I'm looking at a fairly low-priced machine from Brother. It has something like 60 stitch settings and all kinds of whistles and bells. Do you know anything about the Brother sewing machines? Do you have any recommendations?

    I was also curious where you live . . . just in case you might be close enough that we could get together occasionally and work on sewing or crochet. I have a feeling you live in NE Oklahoma because I remember you talking about going to Claremore Lake. But, you also mentioned that you're a Sooner fan, and I find that most people in that part of the state are Cowboy fans. :) Anyway, I was just curious. I live in far south Oklahoma City, and my daughter is in the Moore school system. We're about 9-10 miles from Norman (as the crow flies). If you'd be willing to tell me at least the part of the state you're in, you could send me an email. My addy is savagr8@greytmedia.com.

    Wow, this whole post sounds weird, like I'm a stalker or something. I promise I'm not . . . I'm just looking for a crochet/sewing buddy, and I'm not sure how to go about finding someone in my area.

    Thanks for listening! :)

  8. Keri your comment had me cracking up. Seamstress indeed! I'm just starting to get the hang of this sewing nonsense. I have a very basic brother sewing machine myself. It sounds very similar to what you are describing. It's actually been at my mothers for quite some time now to get repaired but honestly I'm not sure it's broken. I sent it to her more than a year ago and I think I just didn't know what i was doing then! lol

    I've been doing all of my sewing on my mother's machine. Thankfully she lives just down the street. She has a combination sewing and embroidery machine. I'm not sure the brand though, I'll have to look today when I go down there. "They" keep saying that you are only as good as your sewing machine but I think it's great to start out with a simple inexpensive machine. That's what I did and it's worked just fine for me.

    You're right I'm in NE Oklahoma. We're several hours away but I do have family that lives just south of where you are. I'll send you an email later. :)

    I have no hints or tips for blogger. I'm always still fussing with something on here that doesn't want to work right.