Monday, August 24, 2009

The Boxy Bag

I made these bags tonight while waiting for the Hubby to get home from work. I made this first one for him out of Transformers fabric. He's a big fan of the movies and was a big fan of them as a kid too so I think he'll really like it. His birthday is on Sunday and I have been trying to think of something small to make him (he's already picked out his big gifts) and then I found the tutorial for this bag.
I stumbled across this tutorial on Patchyapple's blog through this post on Craftster. I thought the bag looked great and would be something the guys on my gift list could use. It's so hard to find gifts to sew/crochet for the guys in my life. This works out great. The tutorial for these is awesome. She explained everything really well and provided step by step photographs for the entire thing. It made it super easy to understand and the bag works up really quickly. You should really check it out. I plan to make several more before Christmas.
I lined Hubby's bag with a durable canvas camo fabric to help give it some shape. I was so happy with this bag when I was finished that I decided I should make one for my father-in-law for Christmas. He was still a blank on my Christmas list so this was good.
I bought this deer fabric a while back knowing I would use it for him but didn't know how. I still have plenty left to make something to go with it. I lined this bag with a simple dark brown fabric. I didn't get quite close enough on the zipper this time. I've never even attempted a zipper until tonight so overall I'm still pretty happy.


  1. I LOVE these bags! I freehanded one recently and did a terrible job. I intend to make more--correctly. :) How much fabric did you use for these? The zipper just came out of my husband's old one that he takes everywhere as a toiletry bag.

  2. Sorry; I left my comment than THEN I read your post! That is a great tut; I've seen it before. I plan to actually use it the next time around!

    It looks like your family and mine may be likely to recieve a lot of the same Christmas gifts this year! MY FIL was also a blank on my Christmas list, and that's exactly what I was thinking even before I read it in your post! lol And my nephews, and my brother, and my SIL...

  3. Thanks Melody! The great thing about these is that they don't take much fabric at all to make. You're right I see this becoming a gift for a lot of people on my list.