Sunday, August 2, 2009

Splish, Splash...

No we're not taking a bath, we went swimming today. Well hubby and the Sweet Pea did anyway. Someone had to say out and work the camera. The hubby's aunt had a family lunch at her house today so everyone got to hang out, eat lots of food and swim. It was a really nice day for it, nice and warm but not extremely hot.

It took a while for the Sweet Pea to warm up to the idea of getting in a big pool, probably because the water was freezing cold (so I was told). We put her life jacket on and she got in with her daddy and lasted all of about 15 seconds before she was crying for me and trying to climb out. She sat in my lap on the edge of the pool for a while, then she finally dipped her toes in the water and sat there like that for about 1o minutes. Then she scooted over at sat by herself on the edge of the deck with her feet in the water, kicking and splashing at everyone that swam by.
Then she started to get brave and sat on the top step of the pool ladder for a while and finally she actually got in. Once she got in and started to splash and play with the other kids we couldn't get her out! She had a blast. Although she got a little too brave when she saw the bigger kids climbing up the ladder and jumping back into the pool; you know she had to do it too. It didn't take her long to find out that was FUN and she would jump but no sooner than she touched the water she'd start yelling "again" and out she came just to do it all over again. We'll have to make at least a weekly trip out to go swimming, it was so fun to watch her.

And take a look at these cuties. They are two of the Sweet Pea's cousins and often her partners in crime. They had a great time in the pool since they have both started to learn to swim this summer. They were so excited because they ended up having matching bathing suits.

I of course was volunteered to make the desserts. That sounds bad, I have a standing offer to make desserts for all family functions and they always take me up on it. I enjoy making them and they enjoy eating them so everyone wins. I made some yummy shortbread thumbprint cookies with my homemade strawberry butter in them. I'll post a picture and recipe tomorrow for them. They are so good. I also made a to die for chocolate sheath cake that was gone in no time at all. Thank goodness it was because I know I couldn't have resisted having it here at home, I'm a sucker for that cake. That wouldn't be good to have around since we are officially on a weight loss program here at our house starting this month. Which is great timing since I just made all those sweets, we're throwing our neice a cupcake themed birthday party next weekend and my Inlaws' wedding anniversary is this month too. Figures huh? But now that I told you all about it you can hold me accountable, I have to get serious.


  1. That does figure about the diet; right when everything is going on. I hope you can do it. :)

    The pool looks like it was fun.

  2. Thanks. I really need the support, I'm having a ridiculously hard time sticking with it.