Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In Memory

The father of one of hubby's good friends passed away this week. He was fighting a battle against cancer and sadly the cancer won out. Although they had known about his cancer for quite a while the downturn to the end was sudden and unexpected. My heart truly goes out to this family in their time of sorrow. There is no news yet on when the services will be.

Not knowing what else to do I've been baking up a storm around here. See, that's what we southerners do. When we hear of someone's loss we immediately head to the kitchen. I'm not sure why really. My theory is because we don't know that else to do for the family. There is nothing we can say or do to make things any better for them or take away any of their pain but at least by providing food we are able to give them one less thing to think about. I know when earlier this year we lost my grandmother to cancer immediately people started bringing food by the house. I told you, its just what we do. It was nice to have people think of us and nice to not have to worry about feeding everyone while we were trying to get our heads on straight. With the crowd of people stopping by and all the arrangements to be made not having to spend time in the kitchen is a big help.

I also think it helps us to take our own minds off of the sad event. Although I know I've found myself standing in the kitchen with tears streaming down my face as I go about my task. So maybe that doesn't always work. But still, we try.


  1. I am sorry about your friends' dad. I know what you mean about food; I have been worried about my Dad (he has an upcoming angioplasty), and what do I do? Bake brownies... (I guess I am technically in the south-- southwest, but I was born and raised in Michigan.) :P

  2. Thanks. I will keep your dad in my thoughts, I hope all goes well.