Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth

Thank heavens we all survived last night. Hope you all fared just as well. It was a long, late night but it was a lot of fun. We all slept until nearly 11 this afternoon to recover and still had nap time a little after noon. Like I said, long night. Everyone didn't leave here until after midnight and even after we went inside we could still hear the faint pop of fireworks being shot somewhere nearby.

I have to say that yesterday was a wonderful success. Everyone had a great time and the weather really cooperated with us. We did discover, however, that next year we don't need to buy so much small stuff. The kids were bored before we ran out of fireworks and even the Sweet Pea went in the house with my mom at one point to watch a movie.

After the fruit tart fiasco I am pleased to announce that the other desserts all went according to plan and turned out to be absolutely delicious and were mostly devoured before dark. I did manage to have enough apple pie left for breakfast this morning. The breakfast of champions right?

And I'm thinking of having one of these red velvet cupcakes for lunch. Maybe I'll grill some chicken first. Maybe.

My biggest accomplishment has to be this outfit that I made for the Sweet Pea to wear. I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination although I think I'd like to be, and sometimes I convice myself that I am and try projects like this. Any sane person would pick an easy pattern for their first ever outfit. I, however, decide to make this outfit without any pattern and no guidance from any of the sewing ladies in my family. Great plan. I had seen several pictures of skirts like these on Craftster and knew I wanted to do something similar. The skirt was not too hard once I figured out what I was actually doing and each row turned out a little more like I wanted than the last. If I ever make another one I think I might know how to go about it. I basically used the same technique you do when making an around the world quilt. It worked out pretty well that way and I didn't have to cut out each little square individually. The shirt is an old long sleeved onesie that I reconstructed. I cut off the sleeves, tea stained it and then attached that little start to match the skirt. I intended to do this pretty ruffled sleeve that I saw here but it wasn't working and it was late on Friday night. All in all I'm pretty happy with the way that it turned out.

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