Friday, July 24, 2009

Please Remember You Are Beautiful

Tonight the Sweet Pea and I were sitting on the couch before bedtime just enjoying a relaxing evening after bath time. While brushing a stray strand of hair from her face it struck me how much I love her and how beautiful I think she is.

I asked her if she knew she was beautiful and with the most precious grin she looks up and simply says “I know”; then she leans over and lays her head on my arm. The joy of pure innocence. Oh how I wish these days would never end. Many days I find myself thinking “I can’t wait until…” and have to stop myself. I’ve realized lately that there is nothing better than the moment we are in right now. Time goes by so quickly.
In the blink of an eye nearly two years has passed since my little angel was born and I can hardly stand it. It breaks my heart to think that she is growing up so fast. It still seems as though she should be this tiny little thing needing me to take care of her every need. Today I look up and she is running wild and with her fierce independent streak wanting to do everything for herself. It’s hard to get her to slow down long enough to cuddle now, especially when one of her favorite relatives is here and gives her an opportunity to go somewhere. That is when I get the simple “bye mommy” and a wave over her shoulder as she walks away. Even now as I’m writing that it makes me sad. That is why our time together just before bed is so important to me right now. She will finally slow down enough to snuggle on the couch and even let me hold her. I talk to her about her day and we are just together. There is nothing else in the world that needs our attention, nothing more important than each other. Sadly, I know even these days are numbered. I just hope that as she grows and the pressures of growing up start to mount she will realize how much she is loved, and know she is beautiful.


  1. What a beautiful daughter you have! You're right, time does fly by.... and that's why we have to embrace every moment - the good and the bad - because these moments don't last forever! Enjoy your little one!

    And happy blogging!

  2. comment, comment, comment...
    Seriously she's a doll and too smart...remind her "mommy crazy" for me and give her a kiss. Also thank goodness for her she is smart as a whip. Remember "terms of endearment"..."beautiful isnt everything?"
    Love you guys!

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