Saturday, July 4, 2009

Firework Frenzy

On this most patriotic of days we shall all come together as one to celebrate our nation’s freedom by blowing stuff up. Seriously?

See before I married my husband I did what I thought was the typical Fourth of July thing. We’d camp out at the lake which just happened to be where my grandmother’s family would have their annual reunion. Then after lunch we’d head into town to watch the big fireworks show and shoot off some of the fireworks we’d bought at a local stand. This is where I think the biggest difference between then and now comes in to play. Ever since I was a little girl we’d buy a few fireworks and shoot them off either in town at my grandparents (shh don’t tell) or we’d go out to the farm and do them there. We’d buy a little sack full and think we must have enough fireworks to last forever. We’d buy sparklers, roman candles, fountains and of course some Black Cats; your typical spread. While we were at the fireworks stand I’d see those huge boxes that promised to be as good as any professional show and think to myself who in the world actually spends that much money on fireworks and buys these things. Then I married my husband.

You see it wasn’t until after I got married that I was fully submerged into the redneck culture. Yes, I did just use the words culture and redneck in the same sentence. Go with me on this. Rednecks love the Fourth of July; it’s like Christmas for them. We’ve all heard the jokes about rednecks loving bass boats and fishing lures because they’re shiny. While that may be true, it’s not just shiny that gets them. It’s fire. Nothing gets a group of rednecks worked up like fire and explosions so a holiday that has become largely devoted to just that…Redneck heaven.
Okay before the hate mail starts coming in let me finish. And please point your roman candles the other direction. Thanks.

I don’t have anything against fireworks. In fact I like them as much as the next person. Well that may not be exactly true. I don’t think I hold a candle to anyone in this area. Around here, these people take their fireworks very seriously. I’m not kidding. Out here in our little rural community tonight you will see a fireworks show to rival any nearby big city. I happen to know that some of the residents here have personally spent more on their own fireworks than any of the neighboring towns did. Who needs to pay their bills anyway?

You can imagine the distress when we awoke this morning to pouring rain. I had to laugh a little bit but you can be sure I did it in secret. I'm sure no one else thought it was even slightly amusing. I walked into the livingroom this morning to see the Hubby and Sweet Pea both staring out the window at the rain looking pitiful. It was quite a sight. She loves the fireworks just as much as her daddy does. Thankfully the rain has moved on and everything is a go for this evening. Now I'm off for a nap. I have a feeling I’m going to need it.

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