Monday, July 27, 2009

Terrible Two's Already? Who Me?

I got 3-ish hours of sleep last night but here I am up after midnight playing on the computer. Why do I never learn? Especially since the hubby is on the road and my mom is leaving in the morning for a trip out of state. That is significant because it means tomorrow it will be just me here alone with the Sweet Pea ALL DAY. I know you’re thinking aren’t you a Stay at Home Mom? Which, I realize, by its very definition means I stay home with my child so what in the world am I complaining about. Well, I’ll tell you exactly what I’m complaining about, my darling little Sweet Pea has gone crazy. I’m using the term sweet very loosely here. I’m really not sure what happened but I can assure you that I am not excited about it. Nothing, and I mean nothing makes this child happy for more than 45 seconds lately. Don’t get me wrong those few moments are fun and adorable but the greatest portion of our day goes somewhat like this…

I wake to the sound of Mommy! Mooooommmmy! I lay in bed hoping maybe she’ll decide to go back to sleep. Mommy where ared you? (I cannot convince her there is no ‘d’ in the word are, besides its pretty cute) Mommy amir! Come here for those of you that don’t speak her language. She’s turned in to quite the bossy little thing too. At this point I realize we’re not sleeping in and I trudge into her room and am greeted with Mommy I scream. Yes baby I heard you, I sigh as we shuffle to the living room for cartoons. Mommy, I eat. Okay, what do you want for breakfast? Butter jelly. At which point I go to the kitchen to make said pb&j to which she responds Nooooooo Mommy, eggies. So I actually make scrambled eggs while eating the pb&j myself. Of course when the eggs are finished her response is Noooooo Mommy, green beans. So we have green beans and chocolate milk for breakfast. Fine.

The rest of our day doesn’t fair much better. She doesn’t like any of her toys, none of the food I offer or any of my ideas for activities (especially nap time). I offer to go outside and play which is normally her favorite thing in the entire world and receive a “no way” in response. So we manage to find enough indoor activities to occupy us until the absolute heat of the day when she decides we must go outside immediately. Ugh.

I’m not sure where my sweet little agreeable baby went to, but I’d like her back. I keep telling the hubby maybe she’s getting new teeth or maybe she is just tired but its dragging on long enough now that I fear it may be much worse. I think we are beginning to get a glimpse of those “terrible twos” all new parents are warned of. I’m afraid. Very afraid. Hubby reminds me, she is almost two now. Great. Leave it to my considerate little girl to want to ease us into her terrible twos by starting out early. How very sweet of her I think as I wonder what it would take for my mother to let her move in down there for a little while. Just as I’m considering getting her suitcase out of the closet, she runs up giving me an unprompted kiss followed by I wuv you mommy. Maybe we’ll make it after all.

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  1. We went through this too, I promise it is a stage! Good luck!