Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Did You Learn This Weekend?

They say you learn something new everyday. This weekend I’d say we all learned quite a lot around here. First off I learned how to use a melon baller. Okay, don’t laugh at me. I just assumed you used it like an ice cream scoop and it turns out that is not the way to do it. But once I figured it out everything was golden. See I found this out because of something else I learned; you can freeze cantaloupe. We have found ourselves drowning in cantaloupe and I hated to think of them going to waste. I thought I’d freeze these horribly misshapen little balls to have handy for yummy snacks later in the year. I have no idea how those fruit bouquet people make them so pretty, obviously I won't be making any of those. I also made some smaller balls for the Sweet Pea to try. Turns out she prefers her cantaloupe in slices, who knew.


The hubby learned that I am a domestic goddess. Seriously, it’s not that funny. My friend Cat was here and spent Friday evening going through all of my old blog posts amazed at the fact that I actually do all of the things that I do, especially the things like canning and actually going out in the woods to pick berries. Did I mention she’s from town? We then called to ask the hubby if he knew he wife was a domestic goddess and you can be sure he wouldn’t have been any more confused if we had called to tell him I had sprouted wings and flown away. Here’s how that went:

Me: Honey, did you know I was a domestic goddess
Silence on the other end…
Me: honey?
Him: Uh, have you been drinking?
Me: Ugh. No, I just wanted to see if you knew that I was a domestic goddess? You know because of all the cooking, cleaning, crafting type stuff I do. Because you know, not everyone’s wife does all of that.
Him: Really? (See this is where I was about ready to smack him upside the head). Well I didn’t know there was a term for it but yes, yes I did. Do you get to wear a sash or something?
Me: Oooh great idea. I think I’ll get a tiara too.
Him: Okay honey, have fun.

See I hadn’t ever thought of myself as one either, but since I’m not one to argue (no snide remarks thank you) I think I’ll run with it. Needless to say I have now added sash and tiara to my crafting list so don’t be surprised when you come to the house and see me wearing them while weeding the garden.


Cat learned that she definitely over packed for her trip up here to rural Oklahoma. She packed things like leopard print boots, flip flops with huge diamonds on them and a purse bigger than the suitcase I usually pack in. It was quite the culture shock for her but it made for some very interesting conversation between her and the hubby about urban development. Or rather the lack of urban development she felt has occurred here. We took her out on the four-wheeler, to a really backwoods BBQ birthday party and a good old country bar. I think it’s safe to say that she is glad to be back home in the “big city”.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful, insightful weekend.

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