Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bye Bye Paci

Ugh. Today was the last day for the pacifier. We traded it in today for a big girl toy and she was perfectly fine with it all day. Tonight is a different story. When we came in to get ready for bed she immediately got her blanket and started looking for a paci. I didn't say anything wanting to see what she would do and she had a little conversation with herself about it.

"My paci...Her throw away at store...I got new toy..."

I thought this was a good sign. She was even okay when I put her in bed. About 10 minutes later the story changed though. She is no longer happy, at all. I feel like the world's meanest mommy. I know it's time though. She normally only has it for naps and at bedtime and for a while we wouldn't let it out of the crib. However, she's become increasingly more clingy with it lately. She'll ask for it at random points throughout the day and doesn't want to give it up in the morning. It is definitely time for it to go but quite frankly this sucks. Thoughtful as he is the hubby decided he didn't want to be here for this tonight so he went out to run dogs with a friend of his. Gee thanks. I may kill him when he gets home. Seriously.

Please send any sleeping vibes you have our way. We really need them. And some patience for me. (and maybe some liquor, I'm just saying)


  1. aunt michelle8/29/09, 10:45 AM

    what was the toy that sweetpea gave her toy up for? it must of been good. :)

  2. It definitely was. She picked a doll that came with it's own stroller. It has gone everywhere with her since. Seriously, everywhere.

  3. Wyatt did this with ease...Eda, totally different story. If Eda can give it up, anyone can!

  4. arg, you are doing good, be strong. arg, i know it hurts, been there so many times. just keep at it. it will get better soon rustic :)

  5. Thanks. It wasn't easy but it's was definitely worth it. She is so proud of herself for being a big girl.

  6. Cat, that's true. The little boy I've been watching reminds me very much of Eda. It's almost scary.