Monday, April 4, 2011

It's me, Aunt Manda

I'm not going to go back and fill in all the little details from my last blogging break but there is one BIG detail that I want to make sure you're aware of. Well actually it's more like 2 tiny details but it's definitely a big deal. My baby sister had her twin boys in January. They were only 28 weeks so definitely early and very tiny. It's hard to comprehend how small they really were just by looking at these pictures.

Meet Braeden, my littlest nephew who was born weighing only 1lb 14oz. Isn't he a cutie pie?


And my biggest nephew Andrew who was born weighing in at 3lbs and 1oz. Quite the big guy huh? ;)

Obviously they've spent some time in the NICU and we expected them to have a long hard road ahead of them but they are both fighters and now two months later are doing extremely well.

Andrew and Braeden

Aren't they the cutest little boys EVER? They are so sweet and I just love this picture, I think they look happy to be hanging out together. Andrew is home now and doing great. Braeden is still at the hospital but is no longer on oxygen and it getting stronger every day. It won't be long until he is home with his big brother and then my sister will REALLY have her hands full.


  1. So dang cute! What sweet little fighters they are :)

  2. Look how big they've gotten!