Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wee Peg Doll Swap

Waldorf Peg Dolls Pic 1
Just realized that I never posted pictures of the dolls that I made for the Wee Peg Doll Swap over at We Bloom Here. I loved making these tiny little beauties and Kinsley was over the moon with them and of course had to have one of her own. I can't decide which one is my favorite.

Waldorf Peg Dolls Pic 4

Waldorf Peg Dolls Pic 5

Waldorf Peg Dolls Pic 6

Waldorf Peg Dolls Pic 7

Waldorf Peg Dolls Pic 8

Waldorf Peg Dolls Pic 3
Each doll went off with it's own little pouch so the recipient can take their little doll with them everywhere they go. And all their accessories fit right inside as well.

I'm already dreaming up little toadstool cottages for them to live in and tons of other doll designs. I can see now why people make so many of them, they are truly addicting.

Ninja Peg Doll
And a wee Ninja I made for one of the swappers. And yes, the picture focused on the greenery instead of actually on the ninja. I couldn't have done that if I had tried. Someday I will learn how my camera works.

The dolls Kinsley received back in the swap were beyond adorable too. You can see them all in the Gallery at We Bloom Here.


  1. NINJA?! Um, I NEED some of these! Please love me and put them in your shop! I looooove them. You are one talented lady Amanda!

  2. You are just about the sweetest EVAH!! <3 And anything for you my dear.

  3. weren't we swap partners? i never received one... i hope you got mine!!


  4. Hi,

    We were swap partners and I never recieved mine.

    My email is

    Thanks, Leigha

  5. Oh my goodness I am so sad that your dolls were never received. I feel absolutely terrible and they definitely should have gotten there by now (long ago actually). I still have your addresses in my email so I will put together some new ones and ship them your way ASAP.

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  7. well those are all just so darn CUTE!
    I came to see the gnomes but OMIGOSH the NINJA!!! awesome with a side of rad!

  8. Thank you so much Miss Jane. :)