Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New letters

I'm taking advantage of our empty calendar this week and trying to get a few projects finished.  I'm sure I'm not the only one with a million little projects that need to be finished and would really only take a few minutes to do.  Right?  Please tell me it isn't just me. 

Today I finally took the time to redo the name letters for Kaitlyn's wall.  After her little redecorating stunt last year I took the letters down and just never redid them.  Largely because I knew she'd just take them off the wall like every other decoration we tried to hang. 

Thankfully she seems to be out of that stage and so today we are trying again.  I used the same chipboard letters as before and simply peeled the old paper off.  We picked out a few new sheets of scrapbook paper during our last trip to Hobby Lobby. 

Kait's letters 5
Then I just traced each letter onto the back of the scrapbook paper with a regular pencil and cut them out.  I used good old Elmer's glue in stick form to attach the paper and it worked perfectly. 
Kait's letters 4
Kait's letters 2
Kait's letters 3
To attach them to the wall I used sticky velcro dots.  I've used this method several times and it's worked really well.  I can take the letters down to redo them if needed but otherwise they stay on the wall tremendously well.  The only downside is that the little dots can be hard to remove from wall on occasion.  
Kait's letters 1
The whole project took maybe 15 minutes from start to finish, now hopefully they'll last a bit longer up on the wall.  I think they stand a good chance this time because she was really excited to get her decorations back and keeps having me come look at them.  Fingers crossed. 

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  1. I love this! I'm going to try something similar!