Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Science Fair

Science Fair 5

With all the excitement of Spring starting I forgot to share pictures of Kinsley first science fair.  She has always been a lover of all things science so this opportunity was one that we couldn't pass up.  She worked so very hard on her experiment and her display.  Taking lots of time and care to make sure that each piece was exactly how she wanted it.  Making the display board was a great way for her to work on her letter recognition, letter sounds, and writing as well. 

Science Fair 13
Science Fair 14
Science Fair 11
Science Fair 10
Science fair 9
And in the end she ended up with a great project, and a wonderful experience.  She was nervous about talking to the judges but she handled it extremely well. She kept saying how proud she was of her hard work and I was one proud mama as well. 

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