Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Crocheted Produce

My littles love to help with the gardening, at first at least.  The playing and digging in the dirt has always been a favorite activity and of course I'm pretty fond of it as well.  There is something so satisfying about working hard to prepare and care for a garden and then ultimately having it feed you and your family.  I'm happy to pass this love of gardening on to my girls as they grow. 

Mud 3
Mud 4

However, waiting for those fruits of your labor can take far too long when you're young and it is hard to be patient.  Checking the garden every day and getting frustrated by the lack of food to eat was beginning to wear on them so I thought I might ought to do something to ease the wait for them.  I thought a bit of surprise food might be just the trick so while they were off at Grandma's house I put together this little surprise for them.
Playfood 1
Playfood 2
Playfood 3
The bell peppers are my absolute favorite but the girls are in love with the apples.  There are still several other varieties that I want to add to the collection but that will require a trip to buy some more yarn.  I've been trying to work from my yarn stash to get it down to a more manageable level (is that even possible?) and it seems like I've actually used up a lot of my needed colors.  Oops.  Guess I'll have to make a yarn run.  Darn huh? 

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