Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rain boots

We've certainly had some unpredictable Spring weather, and some cold snaps that those of us that have already started planting aren't too happy about.  One thing we are all thankful for is the amount of rain we've gotten this Spring, it has been such a blessing for our dry state.  And a great excuse for us to all try out our new rainboots. 

Rain 1

With a good rain our back yard very much resembles swamp land so I was thankful for these Sloggers my mom got me for Christmas this past year. Aren't they cute? I love that they're a made in the USA product and also really lightweight and comfy too. They've been great for tromping around in the muck this Spring.

Of course the girls couldn't be left out so I had to find them some "boots like mama".  I was disappointed that Sloggers didn't make boots for kids but then I found these Kamik rain boots.

Rain 2

Rain 3

They're very similar to my boots and the girls absolutely love them. I love that they have a great recycling program for worn out boots. Though I imagine it would take quite a lot to wear them out.

  Puddles 1
Puddles 2
Puddles 4
The girls have obviously put them through some serious testing and they've passed with flying colors.  In fact it has been difficult to get them to wear any other shoes since these arrived.  I'm all for shoes that spray clean and they can put on and take off by themselves so everyone wins. 


  1. The shoes and kids are both adorable.

    Ha, Lily has the same pants as Kait!

    1. Thanks! Those pants were actually Kinsley's last year and they can both still fit them, though they're short on Kins now. haha