Sunday, April 27, 2014

Aprons and egg dye

Art Aprons 6

Before we dyed our eggs last weekend we thought it would be a good idea to bring out the girls' art aprons just in case they went a little overboard with the coloring.  I embroidered these little art aprons so the girls would have something to protect their clothes whenever the artistic mood might happen to strike. 

Art Aprons 1

Art Aprons 2

Art Aprons 3

Art Aprons 4

Anything with rainbow colors is sure to please the crowd around here and I just couldn't resist adding those fun little pain splatters.  A clean white canvas just begging to have bits and pieces from different projects added to it.  So far, they have stayed amazingly clean, which makes me wonder why their clothing always got so messy before this...hmm...

Art Aprons 7

Art Aprons 8

Art Aprons 10

Art Aprons 11

They take their art so seriously, these girls of mine, regardless of the canvas they may be using.  Knowing exactly what they wanted to achieve with each new creation, though really that's no surprise to us.  We did learn, though I would like to think we already knew it, that if you leave a 3 year old alone with dyes for even a couple of minutes you will come back to find her hands completely submerged and a very large grin on her face.  Thankfully she likes green and didn't mind having green hands for a day or two.  

Art Aprons 12

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