Monday, April 28, 2014

Bird Love

Bird Basket 1

We love bird watching all year long, but we seem to focus on it more in the Spring around here.  The excitement over all the birds coming back that we've missed all winter, and the flurry of nest making going on seems to bring out the binoculars pretty darn fast around here.  Our bird basket gets daily use right now as we excitedly call out each new bird we've spotted this year.  I'm so glad we purchased the Oklahoma birds reference guide this year, it is so much easier to quickly spot our local birds that even Kaitlyn has used it quite often.  

Bird Unit 6

Bird Unit 7

Bird Unit 8

Bird Unit 3

Bird Unit 2

On one of our last visits down to visit my grandparents Kinsley was lucky enough to help Pepaw fix up some fantastic bird houses to bring home with us, and increase the bird love just a bit more.  We tried to find the perfect spots for them and have all been waiting anxiously to see if we'll get any feathered residents this year.  Meanwhile we're settling for just trying to catch a glimpse of some of the ones that come by for dinner or a quick visit.  

Bird Unit 4

Can you spot the bird in this last picture?  We'll definitely be working on our bird watching and photographing skills this week.  Maybe it is a good excuse to get a new camera lens, that sound perfectly reasonable right?  Okay maybe not really.  

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