Thursday, May 1, 2014

Two Ballerinas

Dance Pictures 7

Dance Pictures 17

Dance Pictures 15

Dance Pictures 18

Dance Pictures 14

Dance Pictures 9

Dance Pictures 3

Dance Pictures 1

We're in the final weeks leading up to this year's dance recital (and the first for our littlest ballerina) and the girls are getting more and more excited.  Especially once their beautiful new costumes were ready and it was picture day.  The giggles and twirling were nearly overwhelming as all the little ballerinas we're prancing about in their new outfits.  I did manage to snap a few quick photos of the girls in the middle of all the chaos.  I do think we'll do another try at pictures once we have the costumes at home and can take our time.  But I couldn't resist sharing these sweet little ballerinas all dressed up and ready to twirl.  

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