Tuesday, May 13, 2014


There has been so much sadness this past week that I just couldn't bring myself to fill this space.  My heart has been heavy, weighed down by the losses felt by so many around me.  Family that I love very deeply and strangers that I have only come to know in the wake of their own tragedies, experiencing heartbreak that I cannot imagine.

Even the sky seemed to be feeling the pain of these shattered families, letting go of its rain drops along side the tears falling from saddened eyes.  Sitting here yesterday listening to the rain fall outside it seemed as though the angels themselves were in mourning.

I know that bloggers sometimes get the bad reputation of cropping out all the undesirable parts of their days.  There is often little mention of screaming children, dirty dishes are cleverly hidden just out of camera range, and sometimes sadness is never voiced for all the world to see.  Often accused of trying to make their lives seem too perfect.  Maybe that isn't the case at all.  Perhaps, like me, they simply cannot find the words to express the emotions they are dealing with.

It doesn't mean they don't experience sadness, and it certainly doesn't mean they forget it either.  Maybe they are simply trying to fill themselves and their memories with the good times, so that when they look back on the years that have passed the good is what comes shining through.  Because when it comes right down to it, that is what really matters.  That is what memories are made of.  So lets all take a moment to start relishing the oh so good moments of life when they come our way.  You never know when you might need those memories to sustain you through the storms.

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