Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cloudy Weather

May is always an interesting time for weather in Oklahoma so it seemed like the perfect time to dive into a weather themed unit.  Especially with the ever looming threat of severe weather, I feel like understanding what causes some of it can help to ease the fear that some littles might face.  To start us off we have been learning a bit more about clouds, the various types and what exactly they are and can do.

Of course that means that we needed our very own felt clouds right?  The girls and I certainly seemed to agree that it sounded like a perfect idea.  

Clouds 1

Clouds 2

Clouds 3

Clouds 4

The little rain cloud seems to have brought us some good luck as it has finally started raining a decent amount around here.  We are loving having a new rain gauge to monitor how much of this heavenly bounty is falling on our still growing garden.  There might be some obsessive rain gauge checking going on, and the girls like to check too.  ahem.

And of course felt clouds weren't enough so we had to branch out into a new medium - soap.  Yes, soap.  We found this fun little experiment at Our Best Bites and had to try making our own soap cloud.  The girls had a blast watching it form and I'd dare say, even more fun tearing it apart after.  I definitely recommend this being an outside activity.  It's so much more fun to make messy fun when you aren't so worried about the clean up after.  

Clouds 5

Clouds 6

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  1. Love all the rain. And no bad weather. This will help kinsley with her worrying about storms.