Friday, May 23, 2014

Dishcloths and Soap

Dishcloths 3

Dishcloths 2

Dishcloths 1

It had been a while since my crochet hooks had seen the light of day, but thankfully I still remembered how to use them when it was time to make these gifts for Mother's Day earlier this month.  I whipped up about a dozen crocheted dishcloths using my favorite stitch pattern and paired them with these really cute travel sized soaps from Plain Jane Soap Company.  Though I suppose in this instance they're intended to be used as face cloths since I paired them with this lovely soap.  Seriously, the soaps are so lovely I hated to even give them away.  Though I did manage to sneak away a bar of Hemp & Shea for myself to keep.

Every year we host lunch for all the mothers in the family and I wanted to have a little something to give to everyone.  These sweet little gifts were very well received and were fun to put together.  (and quick, which seems to be necessary around here lately) And I can always use a good excuse to have to crochet something.  Of course once I made them I had the need to make dozens more because who can stop with such a fun and quick project.  I know I've professed my love of dishcloths before and I just can't seem to stop myself once I get started with them.  If I make one I need to make 20 more just to get it out of my system.  I have a huge stack of dishcloths sitting here now (waiting on ends to be sewn in) and a pile of scrubbies too!  I think I might have went just a bit overboard though, and may need to list some in the shop next week.  After all, I can always make more if I need them right?   

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