Sunday, May 25, 2014


Dinosaurs 17

Dinosaurs 10

Dinosaurs 1

Dinosaurs 13

Dinosaurs 4

Dinosaurs 5

Dinosaurs 7

Dinosaurs 8

Dinosaurs 12

Dinosaurs 11

Dinosaurs 14

Dinosaurs 16

Dinosaurs galore!  If you're local to the Tulsa area you really need to head to the zoo and check out Zoorasic Park.  It's an exhibit full of very large animatronic dinosaurs and it runs through the end of October, so there is still lots of time to plan a trip.  I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up going again before they are gone.  The girls had an incredible time, especially the dino obsessed youngest babe of ours.  

She was enthralled with seeing some of her favorite dinosaurs up close and personal.  And the fact they moved and had sound?  Well what more could a little girl ask for?  Of course she spent most of her time parked right in front of her very favorite dinosaur, the T-Rex.  She even managed to convince mama that she needed another T-Rex to bring home with her.  Needed.  How could I possibly have said no?  

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