Friday, May 30, 2014

Fairy Tea Garden

Fairy Garden Post

We love to have tea parties around here and so it stands to reason that the fairies that might live around us would like to have a place for their own special tea parties as well.  The girls and I decided a small fairy tea garden would be perfect for them.  We picked up a nice terra cotta pot and sweet flowering plant at a local nursery to start our garden with.  We also found an entire section of fairy garden decorations at the craft store and picked out the perfect toadstool table and chairs to go in the garden.  We put this together easily one afternoon and the girls were able to do everything themselves.  They beamed with pride over their magical creation and are constantly scouting for evidence that the fairies might have been having a tea party while we weren't looking.  

Fairy Garden 2

Fairy Garden 4

Fairy Garden 3

Fairy Garden 5

Fairy Garden 7

Fairy Garden 6

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