Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to (Dance) School

For weeks now I've seen all the back to school pictures being posted and we're just over here, still doing what we do.  I'll admit I considered taking our own version, a "not back to school" picture maybe, but that just seemed sort of silly for us.  What we have, however, is our back to dance pictures and really, that's good enough for us.  The girls call it dance school anyway so we're going with it.

Ballerina Kait 3

Ballerina Kait 1

Ballerina Kinsley 2

Ballerina Kinsley 1

First Day of Tap 1

First Day of Tap 2

For us the return to dance class marks the beginning of the transition into Autumn and it has become a great way for us to start to embrace that change.  It's the start of returning to our Autumn rhythm and back to having a few scheduled activities in our daily rhythm as well.  Plus, my gosh they're cute in those dance clothes.  

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