Thursday, October 16, 2008

Anyone Want Some Sno Cone?

Seriously. Because I'm pretty sure she'd share with ya if you want some. Okay, maybe she wouldn't she's a little stingy with her special treats sometimes. Besides even after making these terrible, but hilarious faces she still kept coming back for more and more...
In the midst of all the packing chaos I have been steadily, okay sporadically, working on some craftiness for Halloween. I'm working on some mini treat bags, a warm snuggly hat for dd in case its cold, and 2 (yes 2) outfits for dd to wear. Hopefully I'll have some pics to show you soon. But for now its time to leave work behind (where I'm sitting and playing on the computer shhh...) and head to the house to finish packing. Ugh.

1 comment:

  1. those are great faces!! One thing about the islands is all the lil hawwian babies are sooo big and rolly polly its great!!! Still I cant wait to get back to OKC