Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's been too long...

Too long since I've posted a picture of the kiddo. Okay so I know some of you are saying otherwise but I don't get tired of her pictures so too bad! lol Here are some pictures of her from our trip to the National Ranching Heritage Museum a couple weeks ago. We were looking for something to do for the weekend and thought we'd try it out. After we finally found the place (should've used mapquest first) we questioned our decision a bit because it looked pretty small from the outside. After we got into the building we questioned it even more. Don't get me wrong, it had some pretty neat exhibits but it was not as expansive as I had imagined. Then we were given a map to the outside section of the museum. Ahh, now we get it. So we stepped outside and there it was. I couldn't believe how much there was to see. There was an old school house, bunkhouses, barns, windmills, a huge train and so much more I couldn't even begin to list it. It turned out to be a 30 acre facility. Yeah it was huge, but it was so much fun. The kiddo had a great time running around and even got to chase some jackrabbits. I swear they were as big as she was!
She got to climb up on this huge train. Seriously, I said huge. I know she's a pretty little kid but this train really was huge. I should have gotten a picture of the hubby standing there too so you can really tell how big it was.
She even got to sit on a horse. So its not a real horse but she doesn't know the difference and I think it was still a pretty cute picture. And don't worry, the hubby was standing right there conveniently out of camera sight just in case she decided to jump!This last shot I just couldn't resist. It had such an old timey feel that I just knew it needed to be in black and white. She was having such a fun time running around and climbing all the stairs to every building but by the time she finished climbing these she needed to take a break. Poor little thing her little legs were exhausted by the time we were finished. We went to eat after this and she ate more food than I did and then just laid back in the highchair and chilled until we were ready to go. Then she slept pretty much the whole way home. She wore herself out. I definitely recommend making a trip to this museum if you are ever in the area. It is more than worth it. Just wear your walking shoes and be sure to bring your camera.

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