Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Swappin It Up!

I just received my package from the favorite color swap on Crochetville and I couldn't be more pleased. In case you couldn't tell my favorite color is purple and my partner Lillibet sent me the best package. Probably because she is just great, head on over to her blog and check her out. I'm sure you'll love her work too.
Aren't I a lucky girl? I received so many wonderful goodies that I don't even know where to start. From the socks to the scrunchies, to the smell goods, the notebook, adress book and bookmark. Not to mention the chocolate and the adorable bear with the outfit she crocheted for her. Of course it won't take long for dd to see that bear today and snatch it up! And check out all the great yarn. There are 2 Skeins of Moda Dea Tutu in grape, 2 Lion Boucle in Snow Cone and 2 Yarn Bee Frosting in Frosted Gold. I can't wait to figure out what I'm going to make with them. Although I can already tell you that the Snow Cone yarn is going to be a scarf for myself. Yes, you heard that right I'm actually making something for myself. I can't wait! I can't post a picture of what I sent her yet since unfortunately she still hasn't received her box. But I'm hoping it will get there today.


  1. Great gits! I can see why DD snatched up the bear.

  2. Thanks! I was so happy to receive that wonderful stuff.