Thursday, December 11, 2008

Movin On Up...

Okay sorry if you now have the Jeffferson's theme song stuck in your head too, but that's what has been keeping me super busy and away from here: We're moving. I know some of you are scratching your head in confusion thinking "Didn't we just read about her moving?". Well yes you did but we're moving again. Yes, you heard me right but its not as bad as you might think. We finally found a house! *dancing around the room in excitement

Seriously though, I'm beyond thrilled. Not to say that I am not super thankful that my sister in law was nice enough to let us stay with her for the past few weeks but I am so glad to have a place of our own again.

It's not a big move as the house is just down the street. I can actually step out on the front porch here and see our house. We've been working on a few things this past week or so and the propane people are down there right now hooking up our new tank so we will be able to move in this weeked. Yea *insert more dancing here

Its a pretty cute little house it just needs a bit of a facelift. I've been working my booty off getting the Sweet Pea's bedroom ready and can't wait to show you all pictures of it. It is turning out pretty well and I can't wait for her to be in it. Of course its weird designing a big girl room instead of a nursery. Sigh. She's getting too big too fast. But I should have pictures of her room for you by the first part of next week. I need to get the pictures taken before she really gets in there and destroys it.

When its been too cold to be down there working on the house I've been working like mad to get Christmas gifts finished. Its getting close and I still have a lot of work to do on them. Unfortunately I've mostly been working on projects I can't post yet. I've been working on things for the Holiday Swap on Crochetville and an awesome winter set for a family member that I can't post because she would immediately recognize it as being for her. But I have a few things that I can post between now and then.

One of them is this adorable Moses Basket that I got to test for Navymomx2 on the ville.

This pattern was so much fun to make and it turned out so cute. I really don't think I did it justice. You should head over to her Etsy shop and check out her other patterns. She has a cradle purse on there that is to die for. I really need to make one for the Sweet Pea. She would love it.

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