Friday, July 23, 2010

Reversible Bandana Dress

July 22,2010, originally uploaded by RusticOkie.

Wow, I might actually be getting back into the groove of this blog thing. Who knew that was even possible. Of course it helps to have two adorable models to show off all the crafty goodness.

I can't take credit for this piece of craftiness though. Well I guess I did make the girl wearing the dress so I can still claim partial credit right? That's what I thought.

July 22,2010 017

But seriously how cute is this dress that my mom made for the big girl? She of course loved it since she HAS to wear a dress every single day of her life or she thinks the world has ended. I love it because it's simple and beautiful and easy for her to play in. Even if I do have to iron it, gee thanks mom. I think I like this blue side the best because I like to see the trim from the red side on the bottom.

July 22,2010 010

But this red side is exceptionally cute too. It's too hard to choose a favorite. I love these reversible dresses. So many possibilities and hey you don't even have to pack a change of clothes for the day.


  1. Now I see where you get your talent!! I love this dress. Oh well I love all the things you guys make so you knew that already.

  2. Thanks! Well I'll pass on the thanks, lol. And yes my craftyness pales in comparison to the women in my family. The great thing is that we are all good at different things. No shortage of new ideas around here. :)

  3. The last one shouldnt have been anonymous. Im hopin you knew it was ME wanting to come visit :)... Kinsley looks adorable!