Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5 Months Old

Kaitlyn 5 mos, originally uploaded by RusticOkie.

Hey look we do have a second kid! No, we didn't forget she was here but people have been questioning the lack of pictures of her lately. I just haven't been posting many since we were so wrapped up in Kinsley's birthday stuff. But trust me, she's getting plenty of love and attention.

She's getting so big already. Of course that makes sense seeing as she's almost half a year old now. She is getting much better about sitting up on her own. At least until she sees something she wants and just lunges for it. Her hand eye coordination is incredible and of course everything goes directly to her mouth. She loves to interact with everyone around here and insists on being involved in everything her big sister is doing. She still wakes up full of smiles and ready to greet the day.


Still no interest in crawling and refuses to roll from her back to her tummy. But that's not surprising since she still hates tummy time and we rarely leave her lying down long enough to want to crawl. She loves to stand and bounce and play when she's not snuggling with us. And drools all over everything. But last night we discovered the reason for her sudden regression in the sleep department. TEETH!! Yep, her two bottom teeth are beginning to poke through. I was so surprised to see them this early but there they are. I'm a little concerned though because she's a bit of a biter. We're going to have to break that habit in a hurry.

Kaitlyn 5 months

This is a pretty common look in our pictures, the hand in the mouth. Better her hand than mine though. Those tiny teeth are sharp.

Kaitlyn 5mos


  1. My little tiny neice is getting so un-little-tiny. tell her to stop it!!!

  2. What a cherub! Our babes are getting so big. Z hates tummy time too and I'm convinced she will walk before she crawls because of it! We should get together after the first of the year for a play date! Btw, I can't believe she has teeth!

  3. I know Kim she's growing too fast!

    Linette-Kinsley walked long before she started crawling so I'm expecting the same thing. And we definitely need to get them together soon!