Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Afternoon Activity: Acorn Picking & Sorting

Acorn Picking, originally uploaded by RusticOkie.

We've been trying to take advantage of the few days that actually feel like fall instead of winter around here. Sunday was one of those lovely days and so we spent the majority of it outside. Besides running around, chasing puppies and laying on quilts we picked up lots of acorns. We didn't even have to go far to get them, just barely off the porch in fact. Between all of us, although daddy did most of it, (thanks honey) we managed to pick a pretty good bucket full of acorns. I love being able to use natural and free materials for some of our crafts and afternoon activities.

These acorns are going to provide us with lots of Afternoon Activities. Sunday afternoon was finding and picking them up. Monday afternoon we spent sorting them.

Acorn Sorting

This is a great activity for young kids. Not only is a great way to kill some time before dinner prep but it's a useful teaching tool as well. We got out three identical bowls and set to sorting. In one bowl we put all the acorns that were still wearing their "hats", in the next were the acorns without caps and in the last were the acorn caps themselves. Sorting like items is a great way to teach children about logic and organization. Sorting is an essential skill we all use in our daily lives from sorting clothes, the mail, putting things away and much more. How's that for learning from nature?

And we have lots more crafts in store for these little acorns, including the leaf fairies we just finished.

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