Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Birthday Present Ever

Kait's present 2

A certain tiny girl is turning 1 tomorrow, whether her mommy is ready or not. A couple weeks ago she received her very first birthday present in the mail. Since I'm not a mean mommy I didn't make her wait until her birthday to open it. Okay, so really I just couldn't wait any longer to know what was in it. It came from an awesome mama in my mom's group so I was stalking the mail waiting for it to arrive. We didn't even go inside to open it, we just plopped ourselves down in the grass.

Kait's present

It didn't take her any time at all to rip that paper right off.

Kait's 1st birthday gift!!

Kait was pretty impressed and thought it made a neat sound when she would bang her hands on it. Thankfully she was easily distracted with the wrapping paper and I was able to save the plate.

Kaitlyns gift
But seriously how cute is this plate? I love everything about it. We have been talking a lot about birthday traditions that the girls could look forward to every year and this fits in perfectly. I love that every year she can eat her birthday breakfast on her very own birthday plate. And the fact that she took the time to make this specifically for Kait makes it even more special. It couldn't have been more perfect for her very first birthday present.

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