Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweet Snuggles

After walk Scene

Listening to the wind blowing outside and the quiet inside and thinking how last night was quite a different story. We had some pretty fierce thunderstorms roll through last night and both girls were jolted awake by the thunder. Kinsley, who normally isn’t afraid of storms yelled out and proclaimed that “it isn’t fair that storms wake you up when you’re sleeping. It isn’t nice or fair.” to which I fully agreed. She crawled into bed with daddy and me and it was about that moment that Kaitlyn woke up crying.

I stood there in the dark rocking my baby girl and thinking about how quickly time has passed. I haven’t actually rocked her to sleep in ages and she has gotten so very tall and most days seems like such a big girl. But last night, with her snuggled into my arms she seemed so very much like my baby still. While I was rocking and singing and trying to console my sleepy baby Kinsley came sneaking into the room. Overcoming her own fears about the storm she came to the rescue of her baby sister to bring her favorite baby doll in “to help her sleep better”. This was one of those moments that makes your heart sing as a mother, to watch your children act with such unprompted love and caring for one another. Kinsley was willing to give up her favorite baby and leave herself with nothing to sleep with simply to comfort her baby sissy.

The doll did the trick and I was able to sleepily crawl back into bed. No sooner than my head hit the pillow two little hands reached out and held my hand between them. Night mama, she said as she snuggled in and drifted off to dream land.

Last night I drifted off to sleep holding hands with my girl, listening to the sound of her breathing and thinking how blessed I am to be a mama.

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