Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter nature table

Our winter nature table is finally started. We took a bit of a decorating break after taking down the Christmas decorations and our nature table sat empty. Though it became a favorite doll playing platform which was nice.

Nature Table 1

It's still a bit bare as I was having a hard time coming up with things to add. This is such a tricky age with Kait because most of the more elaborate and delicate details will have to wait until she is a bit more careful and less destructive. So for now I am sticking with items that can survive her playing with them and ultimately throwing them on the ground.

Nature Table 2

We're sticking with nice solid wood that can withstand some rough playing. I added these little wooden peg dolls last night. The girls are getting quite the collection and they are getting lots of playtime. (much to this Mama's delight)

Nature Table 4

Kaitlyn was immediately smitten with this one and refuses to let anyone else play with it declaring "mine" if she thinks we are considering it.

Nature Table 3

This one is my favorite and I want very much to create an entire family of them, and might before the season is over.

Thanks to the ideas of a friend we're going to hopefully be adding a Cardinal and maybe even an igloo to our table soon. I also have some wooden penguins sitting and waiting to be painted. The trees and penguins came from ClicketyClack on Etsy. I have bought lots of cutouts from them and have never been disappointed.

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