Friday, March 16, 2012

Rainbow Water Xylophone

Musical Rainbow 6

One last rainbow themed activity for us this week. We saw this post over at Meet the Dubiens and had to try it.  I didn't really want to pull out all of our drinking glasses so I reached for our ever plentiful canning jars.  We used regular liquid food coloring so we had to mix them to get the orange and purple but that just added in another educational dimension to this activity. 

Musical Rainbow

Musical Rainbow 2

Musical Rainbow 3

Kinsley got to mix all the colors herself. It was really pretty fun to see how the colors spread through the water, she was most impressed with that part.

Musical Rainbow 5

The colors turned out really vibrant. She may have added a bit much to the purple, it's a little dark, but she says she liked it better that way so we left it. We also learned very quickly that in order to make it last we needed to add lids to make it a Kaitlyn proof toy so using canning jars turned out perfectly.

Musical Rainbow 8

The girls have used wooden mallets, knitting needles and sticks to see what different tones they could make. They also discovered that everything looks different when you hold them up to your eyes. I think we'll leave the jars out on our window for quite a while.

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