Thursday, March 29, 2012

Water Play

Very few things are more exciting to my girls than playing with water, in any form. They were so happy to see me pull out the water table so early in the year. We have a lot of great sensory activities planned where we'll be using the water table, but we started the season with just a simple set of nesting cups. Kaitlyn spent a solid hour standing right there at this table experimenting with the water.

Water Play 11 
Water Play 8

Water Play 12

It's the perfect place for her to practice her pouring ability. She still has a long way to go so practicing outside in the warm weather is a great way to keep this mama from having to mop up water all day long. Though if she finds a cup of any liquid sitting around she will practice her pouring skills indoors without hesitation. It's all a learning process.

Water Play 13

She also discovered how cold the water was when she poured it down the front of her dress.  Though it seems to have been quite the refreshing drink.

Water Play 7

Water Play 9

Water Play 10

Occasionally Kinsley would come back over to check out what we were up to. She usually brought a new experiment with her like discovering that the cat does not actually like to have an ice cold bath. Notice him hiding under the table in the end? Kait would dump water on whatever part happened to be sticking out from under the table. The cat was actually quite tolerant of the whole event.

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