Monday, March 5, 2012


The girls and I took a surprise trip to the Disney store about a week ago. It was a big deal for Kait especially. It marked the first time she was in the mall without her stroller and the first time she was able to pick her own toy at the store as well. You could just tell she was proud of herself walking around the mall like a big girl and when we came upon the ridiculously huge face of Mickey Mouse at the entrace to the store she stopped abruptly and wispered "wow". She stood just inside the door staring at everything in complete awe.

Our trip was prompted by Kaitlyn's intense love of Woody and all things Toy Story. I wanted her to have a set of small Toy Story figurines (like the Princesses that they love so much) to play with while she was still so enamored with the movies. I hadn't expected her to zone in on the stuffed versions first thing. We walked around the corner and she spotted them. "Woody!!" she yelled and snatched them right up.


That was all she wrote. She clutched them to her while walking the remainder of the store with us waiting for Kinsley to pick her new toys. Even when checking out she held tight afraid if she put them down that she'd never see them again. She was so proud to get her own special bag, though a little hesitant to put the toys inside.

Woody 3

Woody 2

Bullseye had to be sticking out of the bag while they were inside. She'd walk a bit and then stop, take all the toys out and carry them for a while before stopping to put them back inside.

Woody 4

It was such an incredibly fun day for all of us. I found myself swept up in her complete satisfaction and excitement over such a special day. The fact that we don't do things like this often at all (this was her very first time to get a toy from the Disney store) make it that much more memorable and special. These toys have quickly made their way to the top of the play rotation and she has slept with them every single night since.


  1. Oh now that is just precious. Blaze loves Toy Story still and I do too lol. I love how proud and excited she looks.

  2. Kinsley loved 101 Dalmations when she was this age. It's so fun.