Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lake Adventures

Lake 3
A lot of our photos take place right in this area--during warm weather anyway.  It's a nice little secluded spot quite near our house and a favorite exploring zone for our girls. 

We've spent many hours wandering around this area that was actually once a little town.  It's strange to think about that as we are searching about, that what is now a lake once housed quite the community.  We're reminded of this fact as we find bits of broken pottery hidden amongst the shells and as we stumble across the cement steps of what was once a schoolhouse.  I wonder about the families that lived here, though many still live just down the road a few miles where they relocated years ago.  How strange it must be for them to know that right where they created so many memories with their loved ones is now oftentimes under water. 

Lake 4

It certainly has provided many great memories and adventures for our family.  Imaginary worlds have been created, dragons have been tamed, treasures found, and on this particular outing an impromptu fishing adventure was had. 

We spotted large carp out in the shallows and a harmless comment was made that we should try to see if we can catch them and that was all it took to start us out on this adventure. We were prepared for muddy terrain and wore our rain boots out this day so it seemed like the perfect idea. Off we all splashed into the cold water.

Lake 12
Lake 6
Lake 5
Much to everyone's surprise (most especially daddy's, I think), it was mama who managed to grab the big fish. Much shrieking followed suit by all the littles and we promptly let the big catch go again.
Lake 7
Another beautiful day and (hopefully) another great memory for them to tuck away.

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