Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Strider Riding

We did something a little different with Kait this year.  She has always refused to ride any type of tricycle or bike.  She would simply walk it along with her feet or just choose to walk.  We finally decided to try a balance bike instead and bought her a Strider.  Of course the day it arrived was raining but thankfully Daddy made some space for us in the fire department so she could try it out. 

But before she could hop on she really thought the bike needed a good inspection and maybe a bit of work. 

Bikes 5
Bikes 3
Bikes 3
Bikes 2

 She spent a good half hour going back and forth working on her new bike. Finally she decided she had it in good working order and was ready to give it a try.  I think she was pretty pleased with herself.  Though I do suspect she might have liked working on it just as much as she did riding. 

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