Monday, July 22, 2013

Do you believe in Fairies?

I fully believe that it is my job as a mother to foster in my children a belief in all things magical and wonderful; to keep that innocence of childhood lingering just as long as possible. That belief is what first drew me to Waldorf principles and a desire to keep our home as simple and natural as possible. I wanted them to have a deep connection to nature and the world around them. I wanted them to be able to sit near a running stream or in the middle of a growing forest and be in awe of what they were experiencing and what might be lying just beneath the surface-and to thoroughly enjoy every single moment of it. It is a great accomplishment to never outgrow the ability to see the magic in every day that happens all around you. If I can accomplish just a bit of this I will consider it a great success.
Mushrooms 14
Mushrooms 11
Mushrooms 10
So for now we will spend ages lying in the grass hoping to catch a glimpse of a fairy flitting through the mushrooms…believing...
Mushrooms 6

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