Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lego Love

We finally introduced Legos into our home a few weeks ago and the girls have been in love ever since. As I'm typing this the girls are sitting here building and creating. I remember spending ages playing with them as a child and am thrilled that my girls seems to enjoy them just as much.

Legos 14
Legos 13
Legos 11
Legos 10
Legos 9
One of the things I'm enjoying most about the girls playing Legos is watching them approach them so differently.  With Kinsley's very first set I wasn't surprised to see the picture above where she had sorted her pieces by color before she began her work.  She will sit for ages in complete concentration creating just the perfect piece.  Kaitlyn, however, is more than happy to pour all of her pieces straight into her bucket and creates with abandon.  She often changes her design several times before reaching then end and is just as happy to knock it all down and start again.  
Legos 7
Legos 6
Legos 4
Legos 3
Kait's Tower
Since the beginning each girl has added several new sets to their collection and both are already dreaming of their next set.  I love that such a classic open-ended toy is still loved by so many generations and can fit the personalities of my two very different children so perfectly. 

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