Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Summer is absolutely flying by for us this year with everything we've had going on lately.  It's hard to believe but dance classes for the fall have already started up again for the girls.  They were quite anxious to get started so yesterday was a really great day for them.  Especially this little one.

Ballerinas 2
Ballerinas 1
Ballerinas 3
Ballerinas 4
Ballerinas 5
She has spent nearly her entire life at the studio watching big sister dancing and all of the past year asking when it would be turn. Yesterday her turn finally came. She was so proud to put on all her new ballerina clothing and walk right into the studio. Daddy surprised her just before class started and I don't think I've ever seen a bigger smile on her face as she ran up to him yelling "Daddy, I'm a ballerina now!" and my heart just melted. Big sister spent most of the class peeking at her under the door and giving us reports on how great she was doing and how cute she was. After class she told me all about the new moves she learned and her new very best friend. It was a big day indeed for this little one.
Even as a three year veteran (seriously?  How can it be that long already) Kinsley was just as excited for her class to start. She eats, sleeps, and breathes dance right now so yesterday couldn't hardly come soon enough for her. She was excited to see who would be in her class this year and is already wondering what next year's recital costume might look like.
Ballerinas 7
Ballerinas 6
Ballerinas 14
These dance loving girls of mine are really happy to have an activity that they can share and already there are a lot of joint practices and recitals going on at our house. Many more are still to come and I am happy to have a front row seat for it all.
   Ballerinas 12
Ballerinas 9

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