Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Goodbye Goldfish

We have made a lot of wonderful memories this summer but we've also had to face one not so wonderful reality. We had to say goodbye to Kinsley's very first pet, her Goldfish. She won him at the small fair in town and against all odds (and under careful watch and care) he lived for nearly a year after. I know we are fortunate that this is the first experience our girls have had with losing something they loved but it certainly didn't make it any easier for them, Kinsley especially. We held a small backyard funeral for "The Goldfish of Terror", as he had come to be known, so that everyone could say goodbye. Death can be such an abstract concept for very young children and we wanted to offer as much explanation as she needed and an opportunity to process it all.

Goldfish 1
Goldfish 2
Goldfish 4
Goldfish 5

It can be hard to know what to say when a little heart is hurting so much, but I stood right with her just as long as she needed to cry and talk about her fish. We ended by talking about remembering how happy she was when we first brought him home and she suggested going swimming that evening to celebrate him and so that is just exactly what we did.

Rest in peace Goldie...

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