Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Tooth Fairy Comes

We had a very special visitor come for the first time this summer, the Tooth Fairy.  Mama had to do some frantic last minute crafting to have a pillow ready before that first tooth came out.  How could it possibly be that she is old enough for this already?  I swear she just got all her teeth just the other day.  She certainly is growing up quickly it seems. 

Tooth Fairy 4

Tooth Fairy 3

Tooth Fairy 2
She was so excited to have that first tooth fall out and so proud to be a big girl.  Mama was a little more apprehensive about the whole turning into a big girl thing but I tried not to let that show.  It was easy to get swept up into her excitement which helped quite a bit.  Such an important milestone for a (not so) little one.  

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