Sunday, November 24, 2013

Craft Show

Saturday my big girl and I attended a local craft show together.  This was the first year that she had her own official table, though she was quick to remind everyone that she did have pictures and pipe cleaner creations on mama's table last year.  Regardless this was a very big deal for my little crafter.  She worked very hard on her creations in the days leading up to the show.  Knowing exactly what she wanted to create and exactly what she wanted to charge for it.  The night before she was so excited she could hardly sleep, and just a little bit nervous as well.  She woke up once during the night worried that people might not like her work.   "What if they pick it up and then just throw it on the ground?"  My sweet little tender heart.  We assured her that definitely wouldn't happen and she drifted back off to sleep.  

She was up before the sun ready to get on the road and start her big day.  True to her nature she worked extremely hard to make sure her table was exactly like she wanted it before the shoppers arrived.  Tweaking things just a bit time and time again until it was perfect.  

As the first shoppers started to arrive she could hardly contain her excitement and just beamed as she explained to the (often surprised) customers that she did actually make everything herself.  She was proud to pull out her pot holder loom or her embroidery hoop and give examples of how she put her creations together for anyone that would stop and listen long enough.  

I do believe she may have outsold everyone else at the show that day.  

Craft Show 1

Craft Show 3

Craft Show 5

Craft Show 4

Craft Show 2

Though most of her profits didn't stick around for long.  With every break in shoppers she was off to "explore" the other tables just to see what they might be offering that she couldn't live without.  After several rounds I may have suggested she consider saving some of her money, but that idea fell on deaf ears as she headed off again.  "But Mama, we're at a craft show after all."  Very true little love, very true.  


  1. gorgeous! She did so well, and her table looked lovely!

    1. Thank you very much. She had a wonderful time.